Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Freedom of Not Being Part of a Group...

After spending the last four years with North East Paranormal Society I have decided to leave the structure of a group and be my own voice. Being a part of NEPS was a wonderful experience that allowed me to gain perspective that I never would have had if I wasn't able to actually be on investigations of supposed haunted locations and would probably still be that person who really wanted "that experience" that all para-enthusiast want. Instead of that crazy life-altering experience I gained a lot of common sense. With the team I was allowed to develop my common-sense ideas into protocols, such as strict cross-referencing of audio and video, and using the cameras more of tools to make sure we didn't contaminate the audio more than trying to capture that "elusive" ghost, and from the truth that those protocols gave us came a lot more eye-opening experiences and perspective changing ideas.  I am proud to say that I was instrumental in changing the way NEPS as a whole does things and how they will hopefully continue in the future with ensuring that they don't continue the myths perpetuated by TV ghost shows and other teams, or spend any more money on useless, unproven equipment.

So why leave? Well, in my evolution from "believer of anything people tell me" to "knowing better than to buy the crap you are selling" I have become a lot more vocal and assertive in holding other teams and individuals accountable for their claims of "evidence" such as their EVPs and pictures. What I have been finding is that there are a lot of dubious teams out there that have no qualms about posting pictures of "ghosts" from phone apps and when you politely point that out to them you get banned and blocked. The more of these teams I see out there and the more I have come to realize that other local teams do nothing more than give people terrible evidence such as EVPs that they claim are true examples of ghost voices etc thus inadvertently lying to them and taking advantage of the trust people put in the "expertise" of those who claim they are ghost hunters (god knows why) the more I feel responsible for making sure the public knows the truth. Maybe it's to assuage the guilt I feel over knowing that NEPS and I have probably done just that, given people "evidence" that PROVED the fact their house was haunted only to now realize years later that it was actually a person in the room, or a slow-shutter speed lights streaks that sure looked like a ghost but of course was not (I have a post on false photos that I am working on that will show examples of such things).

NEPS is made up of many members who hold different feelings on my way of doing things and my way of thinking. It simply is not fair for me to say the things I say and such while representing NEPS if it makes other team members uncomfortable or if they feel it's not what they represent. In doing my own thing I can be completely honest to how *I* feel about EVERYHING from TV shows to local teams and the members of NEPS can continue to be a part of a professional team (meaning a group of people who act professionally and responsibly as opposed to a "professional ghost hunting team" which simply does not exist), and not feel uncomfortable, mad, or embarrassed over me. As I continue to do research in the paranormal, such as into perception regarding paranormal claims, the commonality between those who have certain specific paranormal claims, and the ever-present and most common reasons that people THINK they are haunted but are not, I am sure that there will be times when NEPS and I will work together to help further our common goals within the paranormal community.

So now that I am free of the worry of upsetting people I like and out everyone else because I have  LOT to say;)


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  1. Hello,
    From the tenor of your blog it is clear you do not want to be a part of a group, but it also seems that it stems from a distaste of those who are willing to accept virtually anything as evidence of the paranormal. As someone who does not believe in ghosts, but wants to give people peach of mind, I would like to team up with someone like you sometime.
    Reach out to me when available.
    Peter A. Cardinal
    BS Physics; MSed